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Research Themes

BRL Research Portfolio

BRL’s current interdisciplinary research portfolio addresses key robotic capabilities and applications including: embedded intelligence, autonomous robot systems, human-robot interaction, energy autonomy, collective locomotion, tactile sensors and haptic feedback systems, motion tracking/positioning systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, swarming behaviour, dependability, wearable and pervasive systems, medical and rehabilitation robotics, machine vision, and bio-inspired architectures.

Research Themes

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory is involved in a wide range of robotics research projects both nationally and internationally. Our research portfolio spans over a number of different themes.

Research Publications

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory contributes to the development of the global robotics community by publishing its research in international conferences and journals. The publications created by the researchers and postgraduates within Bristol Robotics Laboratory are peer reviewed and aim to further the advanced field of robotics and promote inter-disciplinary collaboration.

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