Waste and wastewater clean-up using Microbial Fuel Cells

Waste and wastewater clean-up using Microbial Fuel Cells

EPSRC Grant Number: EP-I004653/1

Project Aims

  • Better understanding of the anode side.
  • Enhancement of anode performance.
  • Development of power-packs for low power applications.

Project Objectives

  • To investigate whether optimally selected mixtures of species can utilise a wide variety of feedstock and/or a specific target substrate.
  • To increase treatment efficiency and power generation.
  • To reduce size of individual MFCs and develop stack systems consisting of multi-MFCs.

Expected Outcome or Outcome / Project Goal

  • MFC scale-up and development of power-packs for practical applications.

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Theme Leader

Contact Details

Jiseon You
PhD student in MFC 
Bristol BioEnergy Centre
Bristol Robotics Laboratory
University of the West of England
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol, BS16 1QY

Tel: +44 (0) 117 328 6350

Project Supervisors

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