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Robotic technology is able to provide precise and accurate sensing and movement capabilities. Our group looks at the application of such technology in human-controlled surgical applications.


Improving patient and surgeon experience via robotic technology.

Medical Robotics research projects


The SMARTsurg project is a three year EU funded project. The main objective is to enable complex minimally invasive surgical operations by developing a novel robotic platform for assisting the surgeon in tasks.

IDRESS – Assistive Interactive Robotic System for Support in Dressing

IDRESS is a EC CHIST-ERA and EPSRC funded 3-year project. The main objective of the project is to develop a system that will provide proactive assistance with dressing to disabled users or users such as high-risk health-care workers, whose physical contact with the garments must be limited during dressing to avoid contamination.

Rehabilitation for the hand

Robotic rehabilitation for the restoration of hand motor function following stroke.

See also: MOBISERV

An integrated intelligent home environment for the provision of health, nutrition and mobility services to older adults.

Past Projects

Haptic sensing

Developing an accurate and sophisticated sense of touch for robots.

Haptics for tele-surgery

Enabling tactile and kinaesthetic touch sensations for robotic surgery.

Minimally invasive instrumentation for soft tissue robotic surgery

Novel anthropomorphic tool design for intuitive tele-surgery.

Reduction of joint fractures

Robotic reduction of complex joint fractures

Palpating surgical gripper

A surgical tool designed for intuitive touch based tissue interaction.


Tactile fingertip for robot hands

A Bio-Inspired Joint

A Bio-Inspired Condylar Hinge Joint for Robotic and Prosthetic Limbs.

Theme Leader

Project people

  • Prof. Chris Melhuish
  • Prof. Tony Pipe
  • Prof. Sanja Dogramadzi
  • Dr Antonia Tzemanaki

Contact details

Prof. Sanja Dogramadzi
Bristol Robotics Laboratory,
University of the West of England,
Coldharbour Lane, 
Bristol, BS16 1QY
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81301

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