Multi-segment ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) soft robotics

Ionic polymer metal composites are electro-active polymer actuators, or artificial muscles, which bend in response to a low voltage stimulus.

This project is investigating the fabrication and exploitation of these composite materials as bio-mimetic swimming robots and as locomotion and water transport mechanisms. These robotic structures range in size from 10s of cm to under 10s of micrometers.

Swimming robots

Three segment polymer snake and fluid control measurement

The image on the left shows fluid control and measurement of a single segment actuator. The image on the right is a three segment polymer snake that makes up a swimming robot.

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Theme Leader

Soft robotics team

  • Prof Jonathan Rossiter
  • Dr Andrew Conn
  • Dr Helmut Hauser
  • Dr Tim Helps
  • Dr Majid Taghavi
  • Dr Hemma Philamore
  • Mr Andrew Hinitt
  • Mr Plinio Rodrigues De Oliveira Zanini
  • Mr Aaron Fishman
  • Miss Keren Yue
  • Mr Djen Kühnel
  • Mr Martin Garrad
  • Mr Gabor Soter
  • Mr Krishna Manaswi Digumarti
  • Mr Rujie Sun
  • Mr Chongjing Cao
  • Mr Yiheng Zhu
  • Mr Michael Dicker

International collaborators

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