Printing robots

This project is developing novel methods for printing complete robotics in three dimensions.

Three dimensional printing

Using state-of-the-art 3d printing technologies and a laminated electro-active polymer structure we can print three-dimensional artificial muscles. This ability frees us from conventional design constraints.

The ultimate goal is to print complete artificial organisms and soft devices including artificial muscles, soft sensors and energy conversion units (artificial stomachs).

Three dimensional printed actuator

The image above displays a complete artificial muscle unit - both rigid and soft components were 3d printed.

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Theme Leader

Soft robotics team

  • Prof Jonathan Rossiter
  • Dr Andrew Conn
  • Dr Helmut Hauser
  • Dr Tim Helps
  • Dr Majid Taghavi
  • Dr Hemma Philamore
  • Mr Andrew Hinitt
  • Mr Plinio Rodrigues De Oliveira Zanini
  • Mr Aaron Fishman
  • Miss Keren Yue
  • Mr Djen Kühnel
  • Mr Martin Garrad
  • Mr Gabor Soter
  • Mr Krishna Manaswi Digumarti
  • Mr Rujie Sun
  • Mr Chongjing Cao
  • Mr Yiheng Zhu
  • Mr Michael Dicker

International collaborators

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