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EPSRC grant no: EP/K006320/1

Increasingly, robots are being developed to serve as active helpers in situations where humans are either unwilling or unable to undertake certain tasks. However, a pre-requisite for the acceptance of helpers is that they are safe and trustworthy.

As the EPSRC's "Principles of Robotics" document states: "Robots are products - they should be designed using processes which assure their safety and security".

The RoboSAFE project brings together developers of such robots with those researching the verification and validation of autonomous systems, to address these safety issues and so provide a holistic methodology for verification and validation that enables the design of safe and trustworthy robotic assistants.

Details of grant information can be viewed on the EPSRC website.

The RoboSAFE team at BRL includes Dr Kerstin Eder and Prof Tony Pipe.

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New £1.2 million research project to make robots more trustworthy

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