Safe and Trustworthy Autonomous Assistive Robots


The Institute for Advanced Studies have funded a new inter-disciplinary research initiative and associated workshop series on Safe and Trustworthy Autonomous Assistive Robots (STAARs).

In recognition of the new ethical, societal and legal challenges associated with autonomous assistive robots, the University of Bristol’s Institute for Advanced Studies is funding a series of initially three dedicated workshops on “Safe and Trustworthy Autonomous Assistive Robots” (STAARs).

These workshops provide a collaborative forum for researchers from engineering, including but not limited to Computer Science, Robotics, Aerospace, Mechanical and Systems Engineering. They encourage individuals to engage with experts from other research disciplines, such as Science (e.g. Experimental Psychology) and Social Sciences and Law, and with the robotics industry as well as with current standardisation committees, to seek their input before important engineering decisions are being made.

Through the STAARs workshops, research challenges and ongoing work can be debated with a set of experts from diverse backgrounds with a common interest in safety of autonomous assistive robots.

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Page last updated 12 May 2016