Nonlinear control in robotics

Nonlinear robots in development

Would you feel confident of approaching and touching a heavy duty production assembly robot in operation?

Nonlinear Robotics Control Group

Our goal is to bring future generations of humans and humanoid robots together, which requires safe interaction of humans with robots.

ANDy: Anthropomorphic natural dynamics

Imposing an anatomically inspired control scheme based on human muscle location, grouping and response.

Theme Leader

Project people

  • Mr Adam Spiers (2007-date)
    PhD Supervisors : G. Herrmann, C. Melhuish
  • Mr Said Khan (2008-date)
    PhD Supervisors : T. Pipe, C. Melhuish, G. Herrmann
  • Mr Khairi Ishak (2008-date)
    PhD Supervisors : G. Herrmann, A. Munro
  • Mr Jamal Jalani (2008-date)
    PhD Supervisors : G. Herrmann, C. Melhuish
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