Human Robot Interaction

Human Robot Interaction

The team's objective is to focus on the difficult issues concerned with enabling intelligent robots to co-operatively interact with humans and other robots in open-ended and dynamically changing environments, where handling and manipulation of objects and realisation of a shared goal is required.

Past Projects

Being There: Humans and Robots in public spaces

Investigating human-human and human-robot interactions in a sensorised public space, using automated affect and behavioural analysis.

Myorobotics: A framework for musculoskeletal robot development

Compliant, musculoskeletal robotic systems offer several advantages, especially in situations where human and robot work in close proximity.

Adaptable Grasping: Variable compliance in a robot arm for safety and shape-adaptable grasping

Aims to develop a robotic arm, capable of grasping a variety of objects, to be used around humans in changing “real world” conditions.

Tele-Presence for Tabletop Human-Robot Interaction

RoboThespian aims create a physical presence in the immediate environment of the people around a tabletop device.

Jules Robot

A robot that is capable of interacting with humans and mimic a number of different emotions.

INTRO - intelligent interface design

The INTRO project offered ten young researchers a unique training program to assist their career development in the interdisciplinary areas of Interactive Robotics

CHRIS: Cooperative Human Robot Interactive Systems

The overall goal of this project is to address the fundamental issues which enable safe Human Robot Interaction (HRI).

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