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Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of ECHORD++ is to stimulate the interaction between robot manufacturers, researchers and the users to produce tangible results that go beyond "proof of concept". Cooperative research is done in small, mixed consortia, based on actual use cases.

The project offers funding opportunities for small, focused research projects (so-called “experiments”, runtime: maximum 18 months, funding: 300.000 €). An experiment proposal, which focuses on research and development with relevance to industrial applications and high market potential, can be submitted by a consortium of partners from within the same country. The industrial end-user will become part of the consortium.

All European universities, research institutions, and companies will have the opportunity to apply for funding in a competitive process in two calls, the first of which will be on March 3rd 2014. Please have a look at our presentation with the facts and figures about the experiments, held at the InfoDay in Pontedera, Peccioli in Italy on 11th February 2014.

The call will be open for six weeks, 3rd March 2014 – 14th April 2014, and within the first 3 weeks it will be possible to submit a pre-proposal (a sketch of the proposal idea) and receive feedback within three to five business days after submission. This can be done via the E++ website.

The selection and operation of the experiments will be managed according to the successful best practices established in ECHORD. As within ECHORD, the ECHORD++ experiments will be guided by scenarios and foci:


  • Cognitive Tools and Workers for Cognitive Factories
  • General Purpose Robotic Co-workers
  • Cognitive Logistics Robots for Industry
  • Medical Robotics
  • Agricultural and Food Robotics
  • Urban Robotics


  • Key Issues in Practical Machine Cognition
  • Key Advanced Perception and Action Capabilities
  • Multiple Cooperating Mobile Manipulators
  • System Architectures, Systems and Software Engineering, Processes and Tools

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