Pre-Commercial Procurement Pilots

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The Goal

It has been proven that by acting as technologically demanding first buyers, public procurers can drive innovation from the demand side. Since public bodies often have specific requirements for the products they use, ECHORD++ will strive to find the best way to integrate them in the product development process. This is to make sure that the product meets the requirements of the target group, technically and price-wise.

Thus, ECHORD++ hopes to close the innovation gap between what is available on the market and the public sector’s needs. From these possible scenarios, – robotic solutions in hospitals, train stations, airports, harbour areas, public buildings or to improve the quality of life in the cities and towns – ECHORD++ has selected the following, Smart Cities and Healthcare, to be our focus for the next five years. The demonstrations can be done in the RIFs or in selected public facilities. The PCP process will be applied for robotics R&D&I, resulting in demonstrable prototypes.

According to ECHORD++'s calls for application, mixed consortia of robotic manufacturers and research institutes will have the opportunity to apply for funding in a competitive process. The goal will be to find a solution for two real-case scenarios.

Page last updated 22 October 2015